Confess to/ Pray for One Another – Action

Do you have someone in your life who you can be totally honest with? Who you pray with?

What are the barriers you have from taking the next step in forming that sort of relationship with someone?

What practical things could you do to take a relationship to that level?

Are you a safe and trustworthy friend that someone can share with?

Is acceptance and prayer your first response when someone shares their confession with you?

What secret are you carrying that you have never told anyone?

Is there something in your past which gives you a deep sense of shame?

Shame is an indicator as to whether that secret needs to be confessed. Confession breaks the power of that secret and brings it into God’s light.

Take a moment to talk to God and ask Him if you need to confess to anyone and who that person is.

Humble yourself in God’s presence, spend some time being honest before Him.  Confess your sin to God.  You are forgiven – there is no shame.

Guideposts Brene Brown

Pray For


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