WINTERING WELL … Testimony Tuesday

Introducing Ed Dobson

Ed 1

Below is Episode 1 of Ed’s Story …. An amazing series … enjoy


2 thoughts on “WINTERING WELL … Testimony Tuesday

  1. I once had someone who has now passed away tell me “Being told that you are dying is a blessing… at least I know roughly how long I have so that I don’t allow myself to waste what I have.” I know that it took them a fairly long time to get to that place, but one of the lessons in the big story of terminal illness that I need to keep learning is that this living, breathing life as I know it is actually very fragile. I love stories (including Ed’s) where people live day-to-day in temporary defiance of this transience, but sometimes I embrace the life around me so much that I would do ANYTHING to hold on to it. Personally, I don’t think this is helpful or healthy.

    Thanks for sharing Jeff and provoking thoughts.


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